Nara Park A car hits a deer. (Video 1:38 seconds)  

It’s getting warmer. 
Since the plum blossoms in Nara Park are in full bloom, we went to see cherry blossoms with Jack. 


A deer crossing a red traffic light … 

That’s dangerous. 

↓↓↓ Click here for this continuation. Around 1:38 seconds.  

Deer walk across the pedestrian crossing like humans, but of course they don’t know the signal. There are around 100 accidents a year, so everyone should be careful when driving.  

If you come into contact with a deer while driving, be sure to contact the Nara Deer Protection Association or the police, as you will not be legally punished Unless on purpose what you are doing. 

Telephone number is 
● Nara deer protection society 0742-22-2388
● Nara Police Station 0742-20-0110 (in case of night accident)


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