1. The strongest Iron Man from the Avengers is finally here at the arcade! !! 

    The Avengers Iron Man is finally here at the arcade! !! !!A simple and difficult battle game."Iron Ma…

  2. Wow! The strongest helper has come to the unpopular YouTuber video!

    To increase YouTube views,It is best to h…

  3. Zebra finch taking a shower.  

    Today I took a video of a zebra finch shower.…

  4. LEGO デイビット君と月ヶ瀬梅林

    [Superb view! LEGO trip] The plum festival in Nara to go with David. / Tsukigase plum forest  

    On this LEGO trip, enjoy the plum festival of…

  5. Nara Park A car hits a deer. (Video 1:38 seconds)  

    It's getting warmer. Since the plum blossoms …

  6. Stroll around the World Heritage Site of Heijogu with LEGO Jack David ♪ 

  7. A LEGO stormtrooper was chased by a deer in Nara Park. 

  8. [Speed Build video 3 minutes version] LEGO Assembly Square 10255 

  9. [LEGO Speed Build video] Assemble Iron Man’s Hall of Armor with fast forward video! 

  10.  [YouTube] Two episodes of “Retired racer this term” and “Fate of pianist”

  11. [YouTube] Rescue the boss from prison! LEGO Short Movie

  12. [YouTube] New Spiderman is born! 10255

  13. [4002pcs Speed Build] LEGO CREATOR Assembly Square 10255 which challenged summer with son ♪