[YouTube] Two episodes of “Retired racer this term” and “Fate of pianist”

↓↓↓ Click here to watch the videos of “The world’s fastest racer” and “Fate of the pianist”!


 The first story is about a racer who has announced his retirement.

 The last run is also impressive for the audience!?

↑  A racer waving at the people who gathered.

   Blue helmet on blue jumpsuit. Racer with a cool hairstyle. Police are on the alert so that the crowd does not flood!

 A sports car that runs at tremendous speed.

 Turn around the curve with great driving and head to the straight road where the audience is waiting.

 The last last run is impressed! Please enjoy!

 The second video is about ”The Fate Of a Pianist”.

 A pianist who attracts the audience according to the rhythm.

  A pianist who suddenly stops playing while a large audience watches.

 Fateful encounter with a dog watching the boombox.

After this, the fact that the audience freezes is revealed.

 Continuing, please watch the YouTube video and enjoy!

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