1. The strongest Iron Man from the Avengers is finally here at the arcade! !! 

    The Avengers Iron Man is finally here at the arcade! !! !!A simple and difficult battle game."Iron Ma…

  2. LEGOLAND STAR WARS Yoda. Rare duplo blicks. 

    Today, we're going to introduce you to STAR W…

  3. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation  7251

    Today I will introduce “LEGO Darth Vader Tran…

  4. レゴ Friends ( フレンズ ) 41027

    【LEGO】Friends Lemonade Stand 41027 Reviews 

    Today we introduce LEGO's “Friends Series Lem…

  5. Legoland Deutschland 2009

    [LEGOLAND] F1 driver factory blicks in Germany. 

    Today I'm going to introduce the F1 driver Fa…

  6. Zebra finch taking a shower.  

  7. 【LEGO】ToysRUs Limited BRICKTOBER Duplo Block. 

  8. [LEGO Real and Fake] A clown came to town. 

  9. [Rare] LEGOLAND Dubai Duplo Blicks “Dragon”. 

  10. LEGO STAR WARS silver storm looper magnet 852737

  11. LEGO German factory blicks are also cool. 

  12. LEGO Hidden Side Jack David 70419 included with the ghost fishing boat 

  13. LEGO Power Miners Claw Catcher 8190 Reviews 

  14. LEGO STAR WARS TC-14 Protocol Droid 5000063 Review 

  15. LEGOLAND STARWARS Stormtrooper. Rare Blicks 

  16. LEGO Creator 3in1 Seaplane 31028 Review 

  17. レゴ技マニュアルブック

    [Emergency Directive] Get the “LEGO Tech Manual” at the LEGO brand store!  

  18. A Polynesian warrior has come to town. LEGO Minifigure series 11

  19. [Rare block] Legoland Star Wars Darth Vader 


  21. [LEGOLAND MiniLand] The cityscape made of Lego blocks is too amazing ♪ 

  22. My son made bamboo dragonfly with LEGO.

  23. LEGOLAND. Cherry blossom color factory block 2019 spring version. 

  24. LEGO turtle of Friends series. 

  25. [LEGOLAND Japan] Countdown Commemorative Factory Block