Come on!The 6th day of the LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 is a Christmas tree♪ REVIEW 60235

“It’s a Christmas tree!!”

When my son opened a small window with “6”, his voice reached the our bedroom.

On the sixth day, the long-awaited Christmas tree finally came out.

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it. You would even say it glows ♪ ♬

It seems to be able to hear even the Christmas song. we also become happy because we understand that our children’s feelings are also growing.

He’ll get the toy that our son wanted soon.

As I wrote in the previous article (November 21), my son said in September that he wanted Lego’s “Ironman’s Hall of Armor 76125”, so we bought it secretly. But Pokemon’s recently released “Get it! Monster Ball” seems to have been wanted, and Iron Man is still in the shelf in secret.

Anyway, if my son is happy, that’s fine.

LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 Day 6 Christmas Tree

With the addition of a Christmas tree, it has become gorgeous.

A little closer to Christmas Day ♪ ♬

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