1. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation  7251

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    【LEGO】Friends Lemonade Stand 41027 Reviews 

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  5. LEGO Hidden Side Jack David 70419 included with the ghost fishing boat 

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  6. LEGO STAR WARS TC-14 Protocol Droid 5000063 Review 

  7. A Polynesian warrior has come to town. LEGO Minifigure series 11

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  9. LEGO minifigures series19 mountain bike girl. 71025 review 

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  11. レゴ デュプロ『MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE』 10597

    Lego Disney Duplo “Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday Parade 10597”. Reviews 

  12. Can you distinguish LEGO’s “fake”? Star Wars “General Grievous” Edition.  

  13. LEGO 「アナと雪の女王2」

    LEGO “frozen2”. Minifigure Princess Ana and Elsa are popular for their elegant dresses. 41164 & 41168 Reviews 

  14. LEGOLAND. There is a service to put a name on the mini figure (mini fig) ♪ Review vol.05 

  15. The “classroom” that my son made with LEGO. Too cute. . .  

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  17. I compared Lego Ninjago’s minifigures “Genuine Golden Lloyd and Counterfeit”.

  18.  Legoland Nagoya. “Mini figure trade that will be 10 times more fun if you know it.” Review vol.04

  19. December 24, “LEGO Advent Calendar 2019” is adorable Santa! 60235

  20. Day 20 ” Lego Advent Calendar 2019 ” is a snowboarding girl♪ REVIEW 60235

  21. LEGO Advent Calendar’s first Harry Potter ☆ 75964 is affordable!

  22. LEGO ポップコーンカート 30364

    “LEGO Popcorn Cart 30364” sold at 7-Eleven

  23. Day 17 “Lego Advent Calendar 2019” is a tired face director. REVIEW 60235

  24. Day 13 “Advent Calendar 2019” is a woman who reads. REVIEW 60235

  25. Day 10 “Lego Advent Calendar 2019” is “female professional photographer”. REVIEW 60235