[Rare] LEGOLAND Dubai Duplo Blicks “Dragon”. 

Well, this time we will introduce rare blicks. 

This blicks was a Duplo blicks distributed to annual pass members in LEGOLAND, Dubai in 2016.

The picture shows clouds and forest belts on the dragon, and the shades of yellow, green, and red are wonderful. 

The block is marked with the letter below.
① 「2016 The LEGO Group」
④ “LEGOLAND Dubai”

What’s the 3rd “FIRST TO PLAY”? 

This means “play from the dragon roller coaster” ?

Or maybe the company name “LEGO” means “play a lot”, so it’s pointing to it.

Several dragon designs are distributed in Japan, but this dragon design in Dubai is one of my favorites. 


Several dragon designs are distributed in Japan too, but this dragon design in Dubai is one of my favorites.

We will introduce rare blocks again next time.    

For fun ♪


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