Legoland Nagoya. “Mini figure trade that will be 10 times more fun if you know it.” Review vol.04

 I think it was good to know “mini figure trade”.

 Before going to Legoland, I was gathering information and found the word “minifigure trade”.

“What is a mini figure trade?”

Upon examination, I found that I could exchange my minifigure with LEGOLAND staff’s minifigure. 

This looks fun! !

“How many should we bring?” 

This time, we decided to bring a total of six minifigures, two per person. 

↓↓↓ The minifig we prepared is this! 


  You can choose what you don’t need anymore, but this is difficult. When you actually let go,

 “It might be need it later.”

“I want to keep it because it’s a special face” 

It is something that thinks about unnecessary things such as. 

I think there is probably someone like me. In such a case, it might be a good idea to purchase a “mini-fig 5pcs. body set (or 10-body set)” at Yahoo auction or frea market.  

If you are lucky, you can get it for around $15 for 10 pieces. 

However, sometimes it is difficult to get a minifigure after purchase, so you shuld to be ready two weeks before departure. 

It’s fun to see what minifigures you can trade with. 

Since ”minifigures” are often abbreviated as “minifig”, hereafter I will use “minifig”. 

Then, Let’s challenge minifig trade immediately! !  


The LEGO mini-fig exchange method is easy ♪

First, check if there is a “mini-fig” on the chest of LEGOLAND staff! (See the photo above.) Some people wear just one minifig, and others carry three to five minifigs.  

If you find a minifig you like, don’t be shy and call out and exchange it. 


The secret word when exchanging minifigures is …

“Mini-figure touch!”  

You do a high touch with the staff minifigure as shown in the photo above. 

This is fun! ! ! 

 Perhaps I had enjoyed more than my son. (; ^ ω ^ A 

This time it was Christmas, and there were many staff members holding Santa’s minifigures, so I was able to make a pretty happy trade. 

↓↓↓ This Santa also was obtained at “Minifigtrade”.

The fluffy hat is also cute.

Besides, it was with W face! !

W-face refers to the one that has another face behind the face you are looking at, but this Santa was also a W-face.

↓↓↓ Another face is the picture below.

 It’s cute!

I think visitors will bring mini-figs that are no longer used. In that case, the staff’s minifigs worn after the mini-figs trade may not find what they honestly want to exchange.

If you want to get rare minifigures and valuables, you’d better exchange them in the morning while enjoying the rides.
It’s not absolutely necessary because some staff members will wear new minifigures in the afternoon.

Then, Let me show you the minifigs you got in the trade! !

↓↓↓ First, what I brought to LEGOLAND is the minifig shown below.


 ↓↓↓ Here is the mini-fig after trading.


 From the left, the popular Lego Ninjago Lloyd (green) and Kai (red). Next, Santa, pirate, firefighter, and NEXO KNIGHTS minifigs, bringing the total to six.

Personally I am very satisfied, but honestly I felt that 6 bodies were not enough. .


I would like you to look again at the picture of the “Minifig Touch” earlier, but the son (on the right) holds a minifig in blue clothes in his hand.

This also exchanged at the “mini-fig trade”, but I found a NEXO KNIGHTS mini-fig (red mini-fig) and exchanged it.

 If you want to enjoy mini-fig trade, you’d better to bring 10pcs. of them. I think If it is a family of four person, maybe 15pcs.

If you walk while talking, you will forget about “mini fig trade”, so be careful.

Minifig trade can be exchanged at the following staff or place.

  • Staff at the facility entrance
  • Cleaning staff
  • Snack sales staff in the park
  • Staff at the facility to sit and enjoy like Palace Cinema and Lego Ninjago
  • Hotel staff
  • A mini-fig located in front of a cash register at a shop handling LEGO products and souvenirs.

  I’d like to tell the reader who is reading the blog the secret.

that is···, 

The mini-fig located in front of a cash register at a shop selling LEGO products and souvenirs.

Not all cash registers are displayed, but there are many mini-figs around some cash registers.  

Although it looks like a product because it’s in the shop, it was answered that it can be replaced, so if you find a minifig you like, let’s have it replaced! (As of December 2019)

I strongly recommend taking “mini-fig trades” as one of your pleasures.

Then everyone should enjoy ♪


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