[LEGOLAND Japan] Countdown Commemorative Factory Block 

“LEGOLAND JAPAN” held a “Countdown & Happy New Year” event at the end of the year last year. 

Event period: December 30, 2019 (Mon)-January 3, 2020 (Fri) 

At that time, many events, great lucky bags were sold, and limited factory blicks were distributed.


↑ The limited Lego blicks distributed after experiencing the LEGO Factory Tour is this. 


 “COUNTDOWN 2019-2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR” is written under the colorful “LEGOLAND® Japan” text.

 It is a year of memories of going to “ LEGOLAND ” with my family in 2019, and 2020 is also the Tokyo Olympic Year, so I save it without taking out of the bag … or to get one more , save and decorate I wonder if I should . .

 During the event, LEGOLAND’s popular “Minifigure Trade” was lucky to be able to exchange because a limited number of Buddies, Rebecca, Mr. Cop (police officer) and Lucy Bird minifigure appeared.


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