Can I make a Star Wars Starfighter with “LEGO 5.8kg block selling block”? 

Last year I got “5.8kg Lego blicks bulk sale $50”, it was very useful.
This time I have tried to make “Star Wars Star Fighter” by this 5.8kg lego blicks.

As a result, “Star Fighter with broken wings” is completed! ! !  

 ↓↓↓ The finished product is this photo.

One parts is missing. . . And it’s important wings. If there was one more, it was completed, but it wasn’t. . .   

That said, I was lucky to find three wing parts. 

It was hard to think of the wing fixing part from “5.8kg lego blicks”. After thinking variously, it became like a picture.  

↑ I couldn’t make the color of the engine the same, but I wonder if this is fine. 

Next time, I’d like to make a “Star Wars Star Fighter” by mixing “5.8kg Lego block bundle sale $50” and other blocks. 

For fun! 


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