LEGO STAR WARS silver storm looper magnet 852737

Before the “LEGO STAR WARS Silver Stormlooper Magnet” arrived, I was going to decorate it. When I opened the seal and saw the Stormtrooper appearing, I decided to keep it.

This is a mini-figure with silver chrome-plated magnet, which was released in 2009 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. 

It is packaged with stars scattered around and imagining the universe.

↑  I was thinking to decorate the side by side of the opened “Star Wars Droid T-14” …  


 I think collectors will understand, but this “STAR WARS SILVER STORMTROOPER MAGNET” is a rare item, and I don’t want to scratch the shiny chrome body, so it takes courage to open it is. 


Wao,so cool, cool. . . 
“STAR WARS SILVER STORMTROOPER MAGNET 852737” will be displayed without open the package.

↓↓↓ It may be better to purchase early if you want to GET because there is little stock.



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