“Is it true that LEGOLAND toilets smell?!?” and lockers, baby rooms, etc.

Last time I tried to write articles about “LEGOLAND Hotel” and “LEGOLAND Vehicles“, but this time, I will write about LEGOLAND facility.

Let’s go! !

First, baggage inspection is performed at the entrance.

This is safety first, so it can’t be helped. Food and drinks are not allowed, so be careful.

Strollers and wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility can be rented at the entrance, so if you need it, talk to the staff at the entrance.

There is “LEGO locker” when you walk one minute to the right from the entrance.

If you have children, your luggage will increase. There are many things that are useful , but if you don’t need it, you can put it in a locker and get lighter. Let’s organize it again here ♪

Locker users, don’t forget to return here!

Next is the toilet.

↑ This is a toilet guide.

Toilets are inconspicuous, so if you are going to LEGOLAND for the first time, it may be better to walk while checking the toilet.

Children suddenly,


So if you know the toilet that you don’t have to panic.

↑ You can see the “〇” on the body part of the picture.

Wow, when I looked closely, it was in the shape of a block. That’s a good idea.

The blog title is “LEGOLAND’s toilet smells!”

Insanely beautiful and spacious enough. You can take a deep breath in the bathroom, so don’t worry.

↑ This is a scaffold around the play area where children play.

It’s not concrete. The foot-friendly material is used. Not too soft and not too hard, which is nice for small children.

They might not cry if they fall. . .

↑ This is the “duplo BABY CARE” station.

Once inside, there is a playground for children. There is also a sink, so it’s great for warming milk or taking a break.

It’s a great place for mothers with babies.

If you want to take a break, leave your older brother and older sister to your husband, and moms can relax here for 20 or 30 minutes.

There is also a diaper changing table and a nursing room, so it is safe.

The baby made of blocks is big and cute.

At the beginning of the LEGOLAND, it seemed to be quite crowded by inviting locals, but recently I can spend it without being crowded, so I think it can be enjoyed with babies.

If you are a 3-5 year old, take a look at “Minifig Trade, which makes LEGOLAND 10 times more fun.


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