[Emergency Directive] Get the “LEGO Tech Manual” at the LEGO brand store!  


 “Emergency orders, emergency orders, thieves are ruining the city. Get the LEGO Technical Manual immediately.” 

 The “LEGO Technique Manual” distributed free of charge at the LEGO brand store since January 2020. The cover on which the LEGO CITY POLICE badge is printed is full of justice and cool.

It looks good for children.


Immediately opening the middle page,

First on top  

“Amazing the thief with a catchy way!” 


“Don’t be afraid of thief!”  

“Combine various blocks !!”  

“Don’t forget the heart of justice!”  

“Save the city with infinite creativity!”  

It is written.


There are a total of 17 techniques introduced in the “LEGO Technique Manual Book”, and I would like to introduce one of them. 

that name as well 

“Large seine net hunt” 

This is a rough technique of pulling the ground (plate) with a bulldozer and arresting all at once. That’s pretty interesting.  

Besides this 

“K-point jump attack” 

“Flying Seesaw Shoot” 

Or drop a star from space and defeat thief  “Starry sky Drop Impact”.

There was something. 

I guess it’s something that adults thought, but I hope it’s a fun booklet that you can see with a childlike idea. 

But the thief isn’t silent. . . 


 Police cars are trapped in wheel traps and thieves escape.

The LEGO block introduced in the “LEGO Technique Manual Book” has a product number and a product name that clearly indicate which set to get, so it is a mechanism required by children as needed.  


At the LEGO brand store, if you catch a thief, you can get a “Prizon stamp”, so don’t forget to catch the thief when you are with your child! 


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