LEGO Hobgoblin whose face is too scary.

LEGO レゴ スーパーヒーローズ hobgoblin (ホブゴブリン) 
LEGO Lego Superheroes hobgoblin (Hobgoblin) 

LEGO super heroes minifigure “hobgoblin”.

LEGO Lego Superheroes hobgoblin (Hobgoblin) 

His face look scary.

This “hobgoblin” is a mini figure included in the product number 76058 of “LEGO Spider-Man SUPER HEROES” and includes Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

This is a pumpkin head. The face of the pumpkin is a little scary, but it’s more cute than “hobgoblin” .

Perfect for Halloween!

If you’re looking for hobgoblins in ebay or something you might want to search for Lego 76058.

LEGO Super Heroes 76058 Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-up Building Kit


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