The lego Advent Calendar 2019 on the third day “Carling Uncle”

The items of LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 on the third day are…


Curling Uncle!!!

LEGO Advent Calendar 2019
LEGO Advent Calendar 2019

The stone for curling also seems to be in a small window somewhere on the Advent Calendar 2019, and perhaps the brush in the uncle’s hand is a curling brush that adjusts the speed and direction of the stone. If it is wrong, I ’m sorry m (__) m

LEGO Advent Calendar 2019

A cheerful face with a beard in his mouth. He laughs and his eyes become lines.

If you look sideways in winter, your face will be hidden in a thick hood, but it’s cute even if you try minifigs.

Wow, what a bright uncle like the sun !


LEGO Advent Calendar 2019

He fell down.

LEGO Advent Calendar 2019

Even if he falls, he smiles.

It was a cute “Uncle Carling”.

You can make it for now! LEGO Advent Calendar 2019

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