December 24, “LEGO Advent Calendar 2019” is adorable Santa! 60235

Christmas eve.

Lego Advent Calendar 2019 “24” items in the small window is…

” Santa♪ “

LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 Santa Claus

Santa is eating cookies made by her children and his mother.

I mentioned it in the Advent Calendar on the 14th, but overseas, it is customary to prepare cookies and milk to get Santa, who delivers presents to children around the world, to take a breather.

Well, their dad eats it.

And Santa (dad) leaves a message to the child.

“Thank you.”


Santa Claus came from the chimney.I wonder what kind of presents he have prepared.

Speaking of which, my son’s has been full of energy since yesterday. . . (⌒-⌒)

I tried arranging the mini-figure included in “LEGO Advent Calendar 2019”.

Looking at it this way, a woman with a muffler on two children is her mother, and white pants are her father.The whole body blue clothes are the uncle of the neighborhood.The woman who is reading a book is grandma, and Santa is a grandpa.

My personal favorite mini-figure is Uncle Curling, whose smile is wonderful. And a white hat “Snowboarding girl”.

Have a good merry Christmas♪!

This time, I introduced “LEGO Advent Calendar 2019” for 24 days.

It’s a bit lonely to end today, but next year I have more fun choosing which advent calendar to use.

Advent calendars may be most enjoyed by kindergarten and first and second graders. If you haven’t experienced the Advent Calendar yet, try it next year. I recommend it.

Click on the dates below for each article in Advent Calendar 2019!

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