The LEGO advent calendar on the second day is “snow shovel”!?

“Can I make today’s Lego?”

My son who got up early came to the bedroom. It seems that Lego on the second day has been opened.

↓↓↓ When I got up in the morning, a snow shovel was made by my son.

LEGO 2019 Advent Calendar Snow Scoop

The gray parts in the upper left of the photo were included as spares.

This is the icon “Don’t throw snow on people.”

It is also unknown whether there is a ” snowball fight ” tool.

You can move the shovel as in the photo above.

By the way, a big snow shovel is always kept in each household in Europe and America.

↑ A snow shovel that is often used. Just push the shovel in a standing position.

I had helped with snow removal at a Canadian house while studying abroad. . . My back got hurt and my muscles hurt.

Well, this is the first time I’ve bought a LEGO Advent calendar, but this is more interesting than I imagined!

Already looking for next year’s advent calendar, I think the Star Wars and Friends series are also good.

The Friends series is for girls, but the colors are colorful and the items are cute.You can also decorate the Christmas tree. This will raise the tension up.

Here are a few points that I care about, points to be worried about・・・

↑ This is a picture on the package.

The picture on the package shows the contents of about three places. This is a sample image, and please be assured that different items are actually included in the relevant part.

I’ve done it…

When I moved the Advent Calendar package, I grabbed the top of the box with my hands, but I opened the lid with my finger.

I closed it in a hurry, but my son knew it right away.

Please be careful!

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