LEGO Power Miners Claw Catcher 8190 Reviews 

Introducing today is the Power Miners series “LEGO Claw Catcher 8190” featuring a sturdy car body. 


“Claw catcher” tire size is bigger than mini figure! 

The sausage held by the driver (minifigure) may be cooked and eaten with the heat of lava. 

The LEGO Power Miners series is a series launched in 2009.A story about competing for rock monsters and crystals.

Unfortunately, it is not sold at this time, and is sold at a premium price of around 15,000 yen. I am surprised because it is 30,000 or 40,000 if it is expensive. . . It’s a bit too expensive.

By the way, the price at that time was 2000-3000 yen.


1) First, catch a rock monster with scissors in front of the vehicle (upper left photo) 

2) Lift the rock monster and drop the monster in the basket behind 

3) Close the lid and finish 

That flow. 

If a rock monster gets too hot with lava, it can’t be caught by a normal car, but this “claw catcher” can run on lava. The car body is made of high-performance materials that are resistant to heat.


 Thick pipes in the driver’s seat can also be moved.

Fans to cool the engine are also quite large. There is a driver’s seat right beside the engine, but it’s OK because it’s a heat-resistant suit. . .  


The rear of the car also has a lever to move the scissors forward, which can be used to catch rock monsters. 


Small lava rock monsters are red with heat. 


Thick tires and a sturdy body that can run pounding on lava. Like me, boys love kind of these toys.  

These days, there are quite a few sturdy cars like Hummer, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Toyota FJ Cruiser, etc., but even if we grow up, it’s still one of the charms of being a “rugged” car. 

“LEGO Claw Catcher 8190” is a large and rugged tire and body. I recommend it because it has various movements.  


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