The Christmas present will be “LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125”! ?

LEGO 76125

” Oh, I wonder if Christmas will come coming soon”

Christmas is getting closer and my son is no longer calm.(very cute)

“I Want a Pokemon Monster Ball !!! “


In this September, You Said You Wanted “LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man’s Hall of Armor 76125”. 

It’s a pity if it’s sold out, and you are doing your homework every day, and doing your best in soccer , so both I and your mother have already bought it . Oh……

LEGO 76125

I explained about “LEGO 76125” so that my son could feel the charm of Lego.

Wow, it comes with 4 Iron Mans, a rotating stand, and an Igor Suit Mecha with a cockpit that cockpit can carry Iron Man! I know, I look amazing. “

“ I Want a Pokemon Ball.”

↓↓↓  How cow ! Lego 76125 that we have already purchased. . . Oh my gosh..

LEGO 76125


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