[Rare block] Legoland Star Wars Darth Vader 

Today we will introduce a rare blicks of LEGOLAND “Star Wars Darth Vader”.

 This is a blicks from the Star Wars series distributed in 2009 at Legoland, Germany. There are no signs of distribution of STAR WARS blicks in the country(Japan) yet. (Sorry if the bricks of Star Wars distoributed.)  

The logo under Darth Vader says “LEGOLAND Deutschland”. 

I thought that Germany was written as “Germany”, but “Germany” is English and “Deutschland” in German, so “Deutschland” is usually used locally. 

There seems to be “Made in Germany” and “Hergestellt in Deutschland” for processed foods and sweets produced in Germany. Perhaps the one that says “Made in Germany” is also considering exporting overseas.  

LEGO was born in Denmark, and Germany is a country just below Denmark. The fact that Star Wars blicks are being distributed in LEGOLAND, I want to go to LEGOLAND in Germany.

I will introduce rare blocks again next time. 

For fun ♪ 


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