Day 15 “Lego Advent Calendar 2019” is a snowmobile. REVIEW 60235

The Advent Calendar 2019 on the 15th is “Snowmobile”, which is used as a means of transport for ski resorts and snowy mountains.

Day 13 "Advent Calendar 2019" Snowmobile
Day 15 Advent Calendar 2019 Snowmobile

A snowmobile is a vehicle with a sled instead of a tire on the front and a caterpillar on the back.

Especially because you don’t need a license, you can drive if you are a junior high school student or older (high school students or older depending on the location).In the snowy area, there seems to be a lot of tours to enjoy.

Day 13 "Advent Calendar 2019" Snowmobile

It’s pretty good.Because the sled and caterpillar are made to move, there is no problem even if there is an obstacle.

If you attach a transparent or yellow “plate 1 × 1 round” to the black circle on the front, you may be able to make the headlights more realistic.

Day 13 "Advent Calendar 2019" Snowmobile

Items of Advent Calendar 2019 to this day.

I tried taking a picture with a snowmobile and a snowplow in front of me, but after all other accessories weren’t noticeable.

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