LEGOLAND Japan. Rides Review Vol.02

↑ After a simple baggage inspection at the entrance, you will be greeted by a large dinosaur made of Lego blocks when you step into the park.

The number of LEGO blocks used throughout Legoland is

About 17 million !!!

It’s too amazing.

I’ve made a 4002-piece “LEGO Creator 10255” but it’s not at a level i can imagine.

Legoland Japan Hotel Review

If you buy a 1 DAY passport, all rides in the park will be free. Just line up OK!

What I want you to keep in mind is that LEGOLAND’s main target audience is 2 to 12 years old.

table of contents

FACTORY TOUR (Factory Tour)


The first place I visited at Legoland Japan was the LEGO Factory Tour.

Here you can know the process of lego blocks being made and the history of birth, and finally with the privilege that you can get the original Lego block of factory tour!

Legoland Factory Tour

I heard that it was a popular tour because I can received special LEGO blocks after the factory tour. I was able to enter with a waiting time of about 15 minutes, which was very lucky. (^^) v

While you’re in line, a lego history video is looping. If you look at it, I don’t think the waiting time is that much of a concern.

This time, men in their 50s ~ 60s gave explanations about the factory.

To be honest, I got the impression that small children are bored …

In places where such explanations are needed, it would be interesting if comedians (those who have not yet made major debuts) talk to guests. Their attitude of “entertainment” will be appreciated by customers and also on SNS.

“Factory tour I could laugh!”

It seems that a synergistic effect will be created because the number of posted comments increases.

The block I got at the end of the tour was printed with “Ninjago”.

I hear that there are many collectors because the pattern printed according to the event and the season changes.Some are distributed for one day only, and some of them have a high degree of rarity.


The next place I visited was the ADVENTURE area.

As the photo shows, the first day was blessed with fine weather, and a pleasant blue sky spread out.The color of the Lego block also shines.

“Then, let’s go.”

” OK! “

Submarine Adventure

LEGOLAND Submarine Adventure

This “Submarine Adventure” is an attraction where you can actually get into a submarine and explore the seabed!

[Restriction of use] those who are less than 130cm must be accompanied.

The yellow submarine above is also made of Lego blocks.


A submarine adventure where you can enjoy the appearance of about 2000 pieace real fishes of about 80 species swimming. Take a submarine and start exploring!

Wow, Real fish is swimming!

Wooo, it’s a shark!

I was surprised to see so many big sharks swimming.I found a big fish, ancient ruins, treasure, etc. through a large window glass, and looked at it excitedly with my son.


After the undersea observation, when you get off the submarine, you can enjoy the beautiful fish swimming with several aquariums.Again, aquatic plants made of Lego blocks coexist with real fish.

As a personal impression,

I think it’s okay to remove all the small tanks(Aquarium) that you watch after getting off the submarine. And if they increase the number of tropical fish that can be seen from the submarine, the impression is likely to double. If there is a trick that brings a lot of colorful fish close to the small window of that submarine, it is great.


A giant octopus in front of you when you exit Submarine Adventure.

This is also a Lego block. . . They’re good.

S.Q.U.I.D SURFER (Squid Surfer)


The next stop was S.Q.U.I.D SURFER, which goes round and round in a jet boat.

[Restriction] those who are 105cm or more to less than 130cm must be accompanied.


Height measurement also uses LEGO blocks ♪

My son is not up to 130cm! Eat a lot and get bigger than me.


Squid Surfers have a more speedy and pleasant breeze than they thought.

For children who are riding a roller coaster for the first time, it might be a good idea to get used to this.

When we grow up, it’s embarrassing to say aloud “Wow”, but it’s good time to create funs for children on board.

“Wow wow”


PHARAOH’S REVENGE (Pharaoh Revenge)


PHARAOH’S REVENGE is a play area where soft balls thrown into the air or the ball is hit down from the second floor down.

When a child is small, athletic objects using their bodies are more pleasing than rides.

My child had been having fun in the Pharaoh Revenge play area for a long time.


The yellow tube in the center of the photo is a macine that flies the ball (soft one).You can either take the ball up from the bottom or use a ball vacuum from the first floor to suck it up.

Other child had use a ball vacuum in use, so he picked up the ball from the first floor, but he was running around happily.


By the way, the scaffolding around the children’s play area is made of softer material than concrete, friendly to the feet, and the specification that the pain is reduced even if child falls.

You can play with kids here, or there are a lot of benches around here, so I think it would be nice if you could sit down and get energy.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

LEGOLAND Lost Kingdom Adventure (Lost Kingdom Adventure)
Lost Kingdom Adventure

Lost Kingdom Adventure is an attraction where you travel in an adventurous car to reclaim your stolen treasures.

[Restriction of use] those who are less than 130cm must be accompanied.

LEGOLAND Lost Kingdom Adventure (Lost Kingdom Adventure)
Lost Kingdom Adventure

Explore in a car with a state-of-the-art laser gun!

There are two laser guns, and there is also a panel that displays the points obtained by shooting at the point.

“It’s a competition to see which one can hit the focus more!”

Because the lever which can change the direction of the car according to the scene is attached, let’s aim at a high score by controlling it without forgetting!

LEGOLAND Lost Kingdom Adventure (Lost Kingdom Adventure)
Lost Kingdom Adventure

The ancient Egyptian monarch Pharaoh in the center of the photo is also made of Lego blocks. It’s well done, so don’t miss it!

LOST KINGDOM ADVENTURE may be boring for adults, but children like to compete for goals, so if we enjoy together, I think kids’ll be satisfied it.

The next place I visited was the LEGO City zone.

The first thing I would like to introduce is Build a Boat, a corner where many children gathered and enjoyed it.

Build a Boat

LEGOLAND Build a Boat
LEGOLAND Build a Boat

Parents say, “Let’s get on a vehicle!” But children feel the fun their creations or run around using their bodies.

Build a Boat is an attraction where you can make your own original boat with Lego blocks and enjoy floating the boat on the water.

Anyway, everyone was playing happily♪.

LEGOLAND Build a Boat
LEGOLAND Build a Boat

There is a puddle at the finish line, where you create a ship.It doesn’t matter to children if the water is cold.(Visited December)

When the boat is complete, take it upstream and compete, and kids enjoy it by flowing.When it flows, They are screaming and having fun.

When there are few customers in LEGOLAND, there will be few children and less excitement, so Parents will make their own boats and compete with their children, and I think it will be a good memory for them to play with them.

DRIVING SCHOOL (Driving School)

LEGOLAND Driving School (Driving School)
LEGOLAND Driving School (Driving School)

A son who loves to imitate driving in the passenger seat. One of the things he was looking forward to at LEGOLAND, “DRIVING SCHOOL”.

[Restriction of use] eligible age is 6 years old to 13 years old

LEGOLAND Driving School (Driving School)
LEGOLAND Driving School (Driving School)

You can’t get in the car as soon as your turn comes here, but you have to take the course properly.You can drive after you learn the traffic rules such as traffic lights and intersections.

I felt like I could get a little more speed on my car, but I guess I can’t help it because safety is the best.

When the driving is over, each student will be given a certificate of completion.

LEGOLAND Driving School (Driving School)

The driving school also has a “Junior Driving School” where children between the ages of 3 and 5 can ride.

The size of the car is small and the speed is about half.Because it only runs round and round the course of the ellipse, it is possible to run with peace of mind in the first child.

Palace Cinema

LEGOLAND Palace Cinema (Palace Cinema)
LEGOLAND Palace Cinema

This “LEGOLAND Palace Cinema” is a must-see because it is the best 4D movie that both adults and children can enjoy!

Palace Cinema is interesting!

By the way, “4D” is a three-dimensional 3D image, and it incorporates realistic elements such as water coming down from the top during the screening, the chair shakes, feels the wind, and smells.

LEGOLAND Palace Cinema (Palace Cinema)
LEGOLAND Palace Cinema (Palace Cinema)

We have to wear these glasses and watch them, but some people feel sick before the movie starts, so it might be better to take them off before the screening.

Certainly, if I wear special glasses before the “4D movie” starts, my right eye will be quite blurred, and you might be feel sick because it will be different from the 3D glasses you watch in the movie theater.

You should stop by.Super Recommended!!

The nextThe next area is “Night Kingdom”.


It is an area with the roller coaster “The Dragon” that my son was looking forward to most.


Through the gate, a splendid Christmas tree was displayed.The castle and the Christmas tree go well together.

The Dragon


On the left is the sign “The Dragon”.On the right is dragon’s Apprentice, a mini roller coaster for small children.

[Restriction of use of The Dragon]

Please note that guests over 195cm and 130kg are not allowed.

[Dragon’s Apprentice usage restriction]

Guests between 90cm and 130cm are required to accompany.

There is a reason why I arranged two rides. Many people intend to ride “The Dragon” but accidentally line up with “Dragon’s Apprentice”.

Because the rail of the roller coaster is in front of you, please be careful because it will line up to the Dragon’s Apprentice by inertia when walking while talking!

KNIGHT'S KINGDOM Night Kingdom The Dragon
The Dragon

My son’s first roller coaster, The Dragon.

I also loved Fuji-Q Highland “FUJIYAMA” at the world level which is located in Yamanashi, and I was looking forward to LEGOLAND’s the Dragon too, but i felt sick on the first flight.

It is felt sick by the shaking of a little rides, and although it is a situation where it is forced to be aware of the age, I had been knocked out by the simple-looking coaster “The Dragon “.

My son asked me as soon as it’s get off,

“I want to ride it again.”


If I see my son’s smiling face, I can’t say no.

“Give me some time.”

After this, I boarded twice.I rided three times in total.

“Wooooo, i don’t feel good”

It is recommended. (;^_^A

Next is the PIRATE SHORES area.

We headed to Splash Battle, a pirate ship with a water gun.

Splash Battle

LEGOLAND Splash Battle
LEGOLAND Splash Battle

Because it was a weekday, I could enjoy it without lining up any of the rides.

LEGOLAND Splash Battle
LEGOLAND Splash Battle

Splash Battle is a popular attraction for children, but summer is better than winter. Because this attraction Uri is a “water gun”.

Normally (summer), it is possible to fire a water gun from both the ship and the land, and it seems to be fun to fire water with strangers.I think children are quite fun because they become to get wet each other.

Because it was only from the ship this time, the fun was halved.I have no choice but to visit at different times.

Kappa is also sold before boarding, so if you don’t want to wet your clothes, you should buy them.(If a water gun can be fired from the land)

Anchoes Away!

Pirate Shores
LEGOLAND Anchoes Away!

Near Splash Battle, “Anchoes Away!

[Restriction] those who are 90cm or more to less than 130cm must be accompanied.

I’m sorry, but the roller coaster “The Dragon” (third time) was ahead, so this time I passed without riding.(wry smile)

When I was young, I used to ride a vehicle similar to this one, but I was a little weak.

Observation Tower

LEGOLAND Observation Tower
LEGOLAND Observation Tower

The picture above shows the view from observation tower.You can enjoy the colorful scenery of the hotel and the park from about 50m above.

[Restriction of use] those who are less than 130cm must be accompanied.

LEGOLAND Observation Tower
LEGOLAND Observation Tower

Observation Tower was a cloudy flight on the second day.It looks good when you ride on a fine day.

This rises while rotating slowly, so even people who are weak in vehicles are ok.Because you can take a small break, it is also recommended for those who can no longer keep up with the energy of the child!

Next is THE popular attraction “LEGO NINJAGO WORLD”.


LEGOLAND Flying NINJAGO (Flying Ninjago)

Ninja training to fly around at a height of 50km/h at a height of 22m.

This is also a serious training.


If I look at the “restriction of use”, “less than 125cm tall is not available” .I feel sorry for my son if I’m happy, but I’m less than 125cm tall, so I didn’t have to ride it.

My son also didn’t want to ride this, so maybe we were good together.

[Restriction of use] Guests who are less than 125 cm tall and weigh more than 120 kg are not allowed.

LEGOLAND Flying NINJAGO (Flying Ninjago)
LEGOLAND Flying NINJAGO (Flying Ninjago)

Well, this is a thrill, my eyes have turned just by looking at. (;^_^A

Kai’s Sky Masters

LEGOLAND Kai's Sky Masters (Kai Sky Master)
Kai’s Sky Masters

Kai’s Sky Masters is a vehicle that is a ride that is shooting targets around the vehicle while going around.When a laser hits a target, points are added to show the highest score of the day and the highest score of the year.

[Restriction of use] Guests are not allowed to ride if they are less than 90 cm tall.Height 90cm to 130cm can be boarded if there is an attendant.

Kai’s Sky Masters has been the longest waiting time in the last two days.

When I lined up, there was a guide of “waiting for 40 minutes”, and the timing of the closing of the park.There is no sign of movement though it tried to line up because it was a great deal of effort.The children were looking forward to it, but it didn’t move after 10 minutes.I decided to give up.

“It’s maybe a breakdown.”

Let’s ride it up for the next time.

Jay’s Lightning Drill

Jay's Lightning Drill
Jay’s Lightning Drill

Jay’s Lightning Drill near the entrance of Lego Ninja World .

Start by pressing the red button on the right side of the center!

The white button shines, so you can compete to see how much you can push within 20 seconds.What a funny thing to do with this.I played against my son and tried a joint operation together.

In the joint operation with my son, I was able to touch 30 times in 20 seconds.I don’t know if 30 times is awesome, but this was exciting.

Ninja and commemorative photo.

Is this blue ninja “Jay”?

Build and Test

 Build and Test (Build and Test)
LEGOLAND Build and Test

Since there is time until the start time of Lego Ninja puppets using the projection mapping, we enjoyed by “Build and Test”.

There is also a course where you can make cars with Lego blocks and compete.

“Build and Test” seen from outside the entrance is so boring to be honest, but this is surprisingly very popular with children.

My son also forgot the time and had enjoyed it with other children while saying “wooooha”.

LEGOLAND Build and Test (Build and Test)
LEGOLAND Build and Test

First, assemble in a place with parts and tires that will be the frame of the car.

LEGOLAND Build and Test (Build and Test)
LEGOLAND Build and Test

Just put the finished car on the course and press the red button on the right side!

The partition pops out so that the car does not advance forward, and when you press the red button, the partition drops and the car starts to move.

There was a child who put only the tire, too. (^^)

LEGOLAND Build and Test (Build and Test)
LEGOLAND Build and Test

It’s okay because children can get along with Sugu through play.

we don’t know how much he was playing, but other kids had been playing for a long time too, and many parents tried to take them on a rides.Even so, everyone is crazy about car racing.

My son’s made car is going to be number one many times, so I tried to make the car heavier and make a lot of things so that there was no friction on the rotating part, but just the second and third places were best score.

At the end of the race, my son said.

“I’ll lend dad this.”

I exchanged my son’s car with mine.

He is very very kind peson.

LEGOLAND Build and Test (Build and Test)

This car was fast, wasn’t it.I don’t know what was good, but please refer to it. (^^)


LEGO NINJAGO Live (LEGO Ninjago Live)

When I was looking at my son’s smile in “Build and Test” introduced earlier, I completely forgot about “LEGO NINJAGO Live ” and it was just the opening time.I almost missed it.

LEGO NINJAGO Live (LEGO Ninjago Live)

Here you can see the LEGO Ninja puppet play using projection mapping at LEGOLAND NINJAGO Live.(Photography is prohibited in the venue.)

Speaking of projection mapping, many people know the lighting that was held at Tokyo Station, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Big Sight, Osaka’s Renaissance of OSAKA Light, USJ, Abeno Harukas, etc.

The content is a story about 30 minutes of the stage where popular ninjas adventure.

This time, I’ve reserved a seat at the back just like when I watch a movie, but it might be more powerful to sit forward as much as possible than to look at it from above.

Next time, I will introduce the best three that the child chose.

To put it first, “LEGOLAND NINJAGO Live” is not ranked.

That said, with so many small children (3-5 years old), there were no children who started crying for 30 minutes, and I think it was interesting to be absorbed because I watched it quietly.

At last

Before I went, I was wondering how “boring” the place was, but I think it was good to go as a result.I was able to make good christmas memories with my family.

The quality and service of the hotel and leisure industries in Japan are higher than those of the rest of the world.

” Disneyland’s target audience is all generations, LEGOLAND for children is not interesting ”

There was also a comment as above.

But I think that LEGOLAND does not operate from the viewpoint that “adults do not need to be interesting because they are for children.”

Parents are the ones who take kids, and parents who send the review on SNS, so it is impossible to ignore adults.

Certainly, there were some points that we were worried about and things they needed to improve, but I think it’s important for parents to enjoy themselves with their children.

When I was young, I often went to play with people who wanted to comedy, Entertainer but I remember having fun everywhere. Each other’s conversations and actions double the fun.

I think my dad and mom are tired from work. But make a lot of good memories!

[Destination] LEGOLAND Japan
[Location] 2-7-1 Kinjo Wharf, Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
[Phone number] 050-5840-0505
[Parking lot] There is a private toll parking lot nearby
[Access] Approximately a 5-minute walk from Nagoya Rinkai High Speed Rail / Kinjo-Futo Station, approximately 0km by car from the Isewan Expressway / Meiko Chuo IC


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