LEGOLAND Japan Song “Feel the Emotion!”

レゴランドの歌 『 Feel the Emotion キミのサイコー!がまっている

When I was doing Lego with my son, I got hooked.

I decided to publish a LEGO site because I wanted to convey the joy of making Lego and the joy of collecting it.I think that i will proceed with trial and error what to do.

The first post is the Legoland Japan song “Feel the Emotion”.

It’s a wonderful song where you can feel the fresh air and dreams, and it’s also a song that my son sang and danced with his classmates during the sports day. I Like It Because it’s a bright and good-tempo song.

The sight of my son dancing proudly at that time shine brighter than any real world and one of the unforgettable memories.

I sincerely hope that the children who are born will find something that they can get hooked on and that will live while feeling the joy and pleasure of living.

In today’s stressful society, LEGO may be a toy that can be recommended for adults.During assembly, you will surely be forgotten about things you don’t like. I’d like you to forget your job and try to make LEGO before you break yourself.

I will also release movies of LEGO (YouTube).

Feel the Emotion ! By LEGOLAND JAPAN


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