LEGOLAND. Cherry blossom color factory block 2019 spring version. 

Popular factory block 2019 SPRING version.

A miniature figure of a man and a woman taking a commemorative photo in front of a cherry tree and petals flying in the wind. There is a gorgeousness different from other factory blocks and it is one of the best to decorate.  

This is a factory block printed with “Cherry blossoms and a mini-figure of men and women (minifigure)” distributed on a factory tour around April 2019. For petals dyed pink, “© 2019 The LEGO Group. LEGOLAND ® Japan 2019 SPRING ”is printed.  

Speaking of spring in Japan, “Sakura” ♪
The round ones designed to the left and right of the mini-fig are images of lanterns.

In the spring of 2019, a lantern hangs on a cherry tree in full bloom made of a 4m high, 5m wide Lego block that appeared at a special venue in Legoland in the spring of 2019. He seemed to have enjoyed it. 

This “2019 SPRING Factory Block” is exhibited at Mercari and Yahoo Auction starting at around 300 yen each and is relatively easy to obtain. 

It seems to be pleased with foreign souvenirs because it is a Japanese print pattern ♪ 


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