Let’s make a trash can with LEGO blicks you have!

Well, this time, “Let’s Make a Trash Can with LEGO Blicks You Have!”.

I uploaded “Video” and “Photo & Text”, so please try it with a better view.

↓↓↓ YouTube Video here.

↓↓↓ “Photo and text” explains from here.

How to make LEGO trash

It is difficult to make a cylindrical trash can with a Lego block, but a square trash can can be made if you have a block.

Try Aligning the Blocks in the Photo Above.

How to make a trash can with LEGO.

The red circle part is a block that can be used as a reference example when the block is not enough. Anything is OK as long as it finally becomes the same shape.

How to make LEGO trash
Plate 2 x 4

(1) Arrange plates 2×4 as as shown in the photo. (1×4 can be 4)

How to make LEGO trash
Block 1 x 2

(2) Block 1 x 2 arranged as shown in the photo.

Block 1 x 4

(3) Place block 1 x 4 as shown in the photo.

Plate 1 x 4

(4) Three plates 1 x 4 are installed.

Takataka how to produce.

If there is a block used in number 3, it is not necessary to make a plate, but if it can be substituted, any form of the block or plate is OK.

Block 1 x 2

(5) Place block 1×2 as shown in the photo.

Slope 45 degrees 2 x 1

(6) Slope 45 x 2 x 1 2 pieces as shown in the photo.

Left) Plate 1 x 2 Stick Right) Tile 2 x 2 Horizontal Clip

(7) Join the gray “Plate 1×2 Stick” and the black “Tile 2 x 2 Horizontal Clip”.

(8) Complete by Attaching What You Created in No.7!

How to make LEGO trash
How to make LEGO trash

You can use any color as long as you have the parts, but you may want to choose a color that looks like a trash can.


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