LEGO CREATOR Assembly Square 10255 Review

 “LEGO CREATOR Assembly Square 10255” was fun! 

Even if you spend about 5-6 hours on holidays, the blocks will not decrease.  

When I ordered from Amazon and the product arrived, I received a cardboard that was so large that I thought, “Is it wrong?”  

I put a postcard in the lower right corner of LEGO’s box and want to compare it. A lot of air cushion comes with this, and Amazon’s cardboard. . . That was amazing.


“LEGO CREATOR Assembly Square 10255” is 4002pcs, which has the largest number of pieces among “CREATOR EXPERT”. 

It is highly recommended for those who have made about 2000pcs. Of LEGO. 

I would like to recommend it to people who are stressed at work, but suddenly there are too many LEGO block 4000 pieces isn’t it. 

But while you’re doing LEGO, you can get hooked, so you can forget about a job in a moment.   

I tried to make memories while taking pictures. I used to put a wooden board on the tatami to make it easy to move around.  

Isn’t it really ugly?  

What a senseless. This was a failure. 

Oh, I’m sorry to see how many times. . . Oh, I want to start over. ; ̄ロ ̄)  


 The LEGO blocks 10255 have also started to take shape.

  I changed the background and underlay from the middle, but it didn’t feel right. I want to be able to make it on a stylish workbench like an open kitchen someday. . .

By the way, if you keep making it on the floor, your back will hurt, so it’s better to make it on a desk or table. 

There are also tremendous numbers of LEGO block bags.

If the instructions are “No. 5”, you have to open all the bags of No. 5, so it may be better to prepare at least three transparent cases sold at $ 1 shop. 

The “small case” we prepared this time was a 14cm square, but I think if it was a little small. 

When you just take it out of the LEGO block bag, the blocks will be in layers like a millefeuille. I think that it is better to prepare a “case” of about 20cm in length and width so that the blocks can be a little flatter and easier to find.

↓↓↓ Color-coded like this makes it easier to proceed. 


In addition, it is convenient to have a large case for a base plate or a large block. 

Why you should color-code, 

1.It is hard to find because there are countless blocks   

2.Instructions indicate the color of the block  

The above two points are the main reasons. . . 

↑ If you look at the manual, you can see what color block to look for. Color coding is also essential.  

The first floor coffee shop, flower shop and cake shop are completed.

The blue roof in the back is a cake shop, the middle is a flower shop, and the front is a coffee shop. The accessories are plentiful and the colors are gorgeous. . (^^)


When the floor is completed, things to worry about … 

“Assembly Square 10255” is 3 stories, but if you make it, are the rooms on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor only visible through small windows? 

The above question comes up. 

The joints between the first and second floors, the second and third floors, the third floor and the roof have only slight protrusions like the red circles in the photo above. 

And the LEGO block can be easily removed. 

The third floor is nearing completion.

It’s a century old company. LEGO block types, designs, abundance of minifigures and accessories, all feel great.

The last piece is set up with my son. 

Yes, completed! 

“LEGO CREATOR Assembly Square 10255” took about a month to complete. 


Woooooooooooo good. 

In the United States and Europe, there is a high awareness of using buildings longer than a hundred years, so older buildings are more valuable, and the atmosphere not found in new construction is excellent. 

If you want to keep such an old-fashioned building close at hand, please try “LEGO CREATOR EXPERT Creator Expert Assembly Square 10255”.

Next time, I’ll introduce the room, so please look forward to it.


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