Let’s make a LEGO Star Wars mini version Star Fighter ♪ 

The other day, I tried to make a Star Fighter using LEGO bricks purchased in “5.8kg Bulk Selling”, but it became a “Star Fighter with broken wings” because there were not enough parts.   

So, this time, I made a mini version of Star Wars Star Fighter using my LEGO bricks. Please refer to it if you like.  

The blicks do not need to be the same as long as there are substitutes, but the four Star Fighter wings “plate 1 x 1 mini handle” may be the same as much as possible. 


The left side of the center is the body part of the fuselage, and the right side of the half is the wing part. 

Let’s start with the body of the Star Fighter. 


 1) Attach three “Block 1 × 1” first.


 2) After connecting three 1 × 1 blocks, attach “Cone 1 × 1” to the tip.


 3) Attach “Block 1 × 1 4 studs” behind the 2nd part.

  ↑ Be careful about the direction!


 4) Attach “Slope 30 ° 1 × 1 × 2/3 Trans Black” to the 3rd part.

Become a cockpit “Slope 30 ° 1 × 1 × 2/3 Trans Black” can be any color. Please in your favorite color!  


 5) Attach “Block 1 × 1 1 stud” and “Block 1 × 1 4 stud”.


 6) Attach No. 3 finished product and No. 5 parts.


 7) Attach “Block 1 × 2” to the 6th part.


8) Attach “Tile 1 × 2” on both sides next to the body of the aircraft.

 The atmosphere is better if there is a “print tile” with a number.

Create Starfighter wings from here.


9) Attach “tile 1 × 1 @ clip” and “plate 1 × 2 @ single clip”. Create 2 sets  


10) Attach No. 9 parts to both sides of No. 8 fuselage 


11) Attach “Plate 1 × 1 Mini Handle” to the clip part of the part attached at No. 10 (two on each side)


12) Attach “Telescope? (I don’t know the name of the part)” to each wing on the bar of the “Plate 1 x 1 Mini Handle” installed on both sides (see photo) 


13) Attach “Plate 1×1 @ Round” to the location in the upper right photo (4 locations)


 ↑ This state is also cool, so I think it’s okay to complete it.


 14) Attach “Block 1×1 @ round” to be the engine.

 Completion of Star Wars Star Fighter! ! !

I think there are some parts that are not at hand, but please enjoy while thinking with your children ♪ 


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