I bought a LEGO 5.8kg bulk sale for 5,000 yen. Review

“LEGO block bulk sale” seen at Yahoo auctions and Free Market.

If it is light, it can be found from the total weight of 1 to 2 kg. Sometimes I can find it that is more than 20kg for sale. I am very interesting it.

First of all, I got a Lego block of about 5.8kg by free market. This one was not included in the mini-figure, but I was looking forward to seeing what was in it until it arrived.

LEGO Block Sold Together
LEGO 5.8kg bulk sale

A few days later, a pile of Lego blocks in a plastic bag were delivered to me.

This is 6,000 yen = $60. (including shipping !!!)(Photo above)

LEGO 5.8kg bulk sale

First, I did it classified by color.

Baking soda seems to be good for the whole wash of LEGO (Lego block), I first put half of the plastic bag (black, white, gray color) into two buckets and soaked it for a day.The next day, when I took out the block, dust and hair were in the water.

It was pretty dirty.

Spread out on flyers and dry.

The monotone block was dried for a day while turning the fan in the room, but it turned out that the water inside the block did not dry easily.

The other half of the red, blue, yellow and green blocks were dried in the sun by spread on the balcony on a fine day. It was able to dry well in half a day.

As expected, the sun!

The cleaning of the LEGO block should be dried in the sun on a fine day!

I wanted to get a monotone color, so this is enough.

As you can see, there are lots of yellow, red, and blue blocks too.

Small parts are classified into partitioned cases.

This block was 1kg1000 yen = $10/kg, but there are a lot of accessories that can be used in the future, and I am satisfied.

There were many small items such as faucets, bricks, tiles, swords, flames, etc.

I wanted to build a wall of the building before, and when I looked for the block of the same color, it was around 1000 yen = $10 for 30 to 50 pieces in the secondhand.

I don’t know how much I’m going to spend on this, so I bought it in bulk, but in the end it was a satisfying purchase.

The dust of LEGO becomes a layer if it is left for a long period of time. And allergic and the person who cares because the hair of the animal are mixed when it is the one of the pet owner might be better to refrain from buying it.

I felt that there is no complaint even if I buy if the amount of money is low. It’s nice to buy only the LEGO you need, but it’s fun to buy LEGO like a lucky bag!


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