This is cool ♪ LEGO Avengers 76125. Reviews

My son’s Christmas gift we had bought secretly last September because my son said “LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man’s Hall of Armor 76125”. 

Christmas was approaching and sealed with an astonishing request saying “I want a Pokemon monster ball!” ( ̄▽ ̄;)!!   

In January of the new year, we decided to open it under the condition that we will assemble together for the time being ♪

Since there are not many parts, even a child can be assembled in half a day. 

Complete “Iron Man’s Hall of Armor 76125” and eye to eye each other.

 “Wao, cool, cool”


“LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man’s Hall of Armor 76125” is a set that recreates the Hall of Armor and includes four Iron Man minifigures and outriders. In the center is a robot arm with a turntable.  

The minifigure comes with Iron Man MK1, Iron Man MK5, Iron Man MK41, Iron Man MK50, and Out Rider (2pcs.).
Iron Man MK1, MK5, and MK41 of mini figure had a new design in 2019.

This is irresistible for Avengers Marvel lovers. 


↑ Iron Man MK50 

Minifig Tony Stark’s face is also cool. It’s nice that the mask moves up and down.  


The light blue screen panel in the lab (laboratory) is also cool! 


Iron Man who seems to start moving at any moment. 

The red minifigure on the far right is Iron Man MK5. The black minifigure is Iron Man MK41.  


↑ Iron Man MK1. 

Iron Man is all cool, but in the minifigure this metallic MK1 is one of my favorites. 

“LEGO Iron Man’s Hall of Armor 76125” has an Igor suit mecha. (Height 9cm)  

There is an opening and closing cockpit so that Iron Man can be boarded.

Closing the hatch would darken Tony Stark, so I shot it without closing it.

Two outriders are also included. 


There are many small items such as coffee cups, mixers, parabolic antennas, fire extinguishers, flames, spanners, tool boxes, weapons and storage. 

Both my son and I are delighted. (^^) ニ コ  

Although the number of parts is small and the fun of assembling LEGO blocks has been halved, it is definitely a product that Avengers fans can recommend! 


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