[LEGOLAND] F1 driver factory blicks in Germany. 

Legoland Deutschland 2009

Today I’m going to introduce the F1 driver Factory Blicks. 

This is a Blicks distributed in September 2009 in LEGOLAND, Germany. A car machine painted red on a green helmet. It is exactly the top team “Ferrari” of “F1” ♪   


If you like F1 racing, this car machine is I would like to think of it as “Ferrari”, but the car in LEGOLAND is a driving school for kids … (Lol)  

Anyway, we can imagine anything. let’s call it Ferrari. (^^) ニ コ  


The charm of Ferrari is, of course, cool and beautifully curved body. I would like to experience a high-powered engine with 700-900 horsepower at least once.  

It’s too expensive to buy, but Ferrari is hardly scrapped, and even vintage deals are expensive, so some people have it as an asset. 

There are almost no illustrations of cars in the Factory Blicks of LEGOLAND and the Blicks distributed at the event, so I want you to make more. 

But recently, the popularity of “F1” has fallen, and the passion or admiration for “cars” will not be as strong as before, so maybe Ninjago and Disney characters are good for today’s children.

I will introduce rare blicks again next time.
For fun ♪ 


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