LEGO Advent Calendar’s first Harry Potter ☆ 75964 is affordable!

Wow, did you know that Harry Potter was on sale?

Moreover, I was surprised because the contents were super substantial.

I think it’s faster to have them look at it than to explain it.

↓↓↓ Look look!

Includes seven mini-figures from Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weezley, Albas Dumbledore, Fritwick, Hogwarts and Hedwig, as well as micromodels of the Hogwarts Express.

And items other than mini figures are also great!!!

What a delicious roast chicken… The chess next to the chicken is also nice.

This is elaborate, isn’t it? I can see that there is a lot of power. Is it because it is the first time in the Harrypotter series?

There are many other attractive items!

There are cute fireplaces, snowmen and owls. The bread, cookies and cups on the table are also special.

If this is now, it is 3,001 yen!(as of December 20, 2019)

I wonder if it will be a little cheaper…I plan to buy either Harry Potter (75964) or Friends (41353) or LEGO City (60201).

I’ll report it when I get it!!!


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