LEGO “Simpsons Bart” is fluent in French. minifigure

LEGO レゴ シンプソンズ バート minifigure Bart Simpson

Today, I’m going to introduce Bart, the eldest son of the Simpson family, whose distinctive jagged head is a trademark.

LEGO LEGO Simpsons Bart Minitbart Simpson
LEGO Mini Figure Simpsons Bart

Bart is a genius at skateboarding techniques and language acquisition skills. He is a fourth grader in elementary school.

He seems that study is not good, but he can use French in his native language, and he learned Spanish in a few hours, so he might be really smart.

LEGO LEGO Simpsons Bart Minitbart Simpson
LEGO minifigure Bart Simpson

Pachinko is in the back pocket of Bart who often loves mischief and becomes a court judge.

What do you use it for ???

LEGO LEGO Simpsons Bart Minitbart Simpson
LEGO minifigure Tsuji-no-Mori

Wow, this color is very good!

Because it is a coloring that can not be seen easily in Japan, it shines even if I decorate it in the room. I recommend it.


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