“LEGO Popcorn Cart 30364” sold at 7-Eleven

LEGO ポップコーンカート 30364

“LEGO Popcorn Cart 30364” that I kept looking forward to without making.

LEGO Popcorn Cart 30364
LEGO Popcorn Cart 30364

This was made by my son again. ( ̄□ ̄;)!!

I think it’s no problem.

Parents can be happy when they see their children happy.

But I was surprised by “LEGO Spider-Man 30451”, but this is also the same price

660 yen!

Popcorn carts are well made and this is a nice price.I hope it will be a series and sold every year.

LEGO Popcorn Cart 30364

Turning the collar of the cap back makes the smile a cool clerk!

LEGO Popcorn Cart 30364

The black plate at the back of the popcorn cart can be moved up and down.It is possible to reproduce how popcorn can be made, and when you push it with your finger, “pom-pom” and popcorn are made.

Well, that’s great!


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