I went to Legoland Japan for Christmas! Hotel Review Vol.01

“Legoland is BEST to go while children are young!”

“Legoland is expensive and boring.”

Now, Are comments (reviews) thriving on the Internet true?

For the time being, I got up early, and after the child opened the Christmas present, I ate breakfast and went to LEGOLAND Japan!!!

Nagoya Municipal Kinjo Futo Parking Lot

We arrived at Legoland Japan Resort in Nagoya for about two hours by highway.

The parking lot is conveniently located in the Nagoya Municipal Kinjo Futo Parking Lot, a private parking lot that can accommodate 5000 cars near Legoland.

Anyway, since it is a large parking lot, let’s just confirm the parking position so that it is not “Where is my car?”

The parking fee is 60 minutes / 500 yen.

Up to 1,000 yen/day on weekdays

Holidays up to 1,500 yen/day

It has become.If you go many times a year or have an annual passport, it is better to purchase a 500-yen ticket (11 sheets) ticket!

Nagoya Municipal Kinjo Futo Parking Lot

The pedestrian bridge connected to Legoland is located on the third floor of the parking lot, so you’ll want to park on the third floor if possible.

This time, it was expected that it would be crowded on Christmas (12/25), so we were led to the second floor by a staff member. We arrived before 10 o’clock and the parking lot was vacant, so we wanted to the third floor.

Well, it’s not a big problem, so it’s fine.

This parking lot seems to also serve as a “tsunami evacuation building”, so it is safe to remember because it is designated as an emergency evacuation site.

Legoland Hotel

Walking along the footbridge, you’ll see the red-roofed Legoland Hotel, which stands out in the blue sky.It takes less than five minutes to walk to that colorful building.

Shops around Legoland lined with LEGO-like colored buildings. It’s a few minutes from Legoland, so you can use it for lunch or dinner.

The first year that Legoland opened,, once you enter Legoland (1 day passport), they couldn’t go outside, and the lunchtime restaurant was vacant.

Some restaurants decided to withdraw in a few months, so I think the frustration was considerable.Now that you can re-enter the 1day Passport, you can use the restaurant outside the LEGOLAND with peace of mind.


It seems to have been crowded on Christmas Eve, but this time I made a reservation at check-in on Wednesday, December 25 and check-out on Thursday 26th.

The colorful colors are not only the appearance of the building, but also the lobby♪ 

Shelves and pillars made of Lego are also decorated with Lego blocks, which is truly stunning! The colorful Lego blocks pasted under the blue pillar of the center right of the photo were so nice that I’d wanted to imitate them somewhere in the my room.

The price per night varies depending on the season, so check the official website and travel site.

Click here for LEGOLAND JAPAN RESORT official website


Children can also wait and play in the space with LEGO blocks when checking in and checking out.

Legoland Hotel LEGOLAND HOTEL Lobby
Legoland Hotel Lobby

The lobby of the bright and clean Legoland hotel.The fine thing which can be seen in the back is …

Mini Figure!


Oh, that’s great.

LEGO mini-figures are cute, and it’s fun just to watch them because they have a lot of variety.

The signpost is a signage style for overseas directions. The signpost in the LEGOLAND is the same as above, so it may be good to remember. Because the LEGOLAND is colorful, it may be difficult to find it unless you get used to it. Especially for those who go to the toilet frequently, it is safe to always check the location of the toilet.

Now, let’s go to the room!

The location of the upper left photo where the mirror ball is shining is …

This is inside the elevator!

The children of other families were getting excited and excited,too.

The hotel rooms are divided into five categories: Lego Ninjago, Lego Friends, Pirates, Adventure, and Kingdom, and this time the room we chose stayed in was Kingdom, a world of swords and magic.

Legoland Hotel LEGOLAND HOTEL Kingdom
Legoland Hotel Kingdom room 

The coat of arms of the cushions placed on the chairs and beds is a testament to the nobility and is written here and there in the room.

Legoland Hotel LEGOLAND HOTEL Kingdom
Legoland Hotel Kingdom Children’s Room

Children’s rooms, where adults are not allowed, have bunk beds.

Prince Frog and Treasure Box

When you enter the children’s area, you notice that there is a treasure box with a key under “Prince Frog (upper left photo)”.

If you want to open this treasure chest, you have to get the secret code hidden in the room!

There was a paper on the table that hinted at the secret cipher.

Legoland Hotel LEGOLAND HOTEL Kingdom

If you count the number of “magic wand” drawn on the wall and the number of “LEGO coins” and so on, and match the number to the dial of the treasure chest .

Legoland Hotel LEGOLAND HOTEL Kingdom


“LEGO MOVIE 30340” and “LEGO CREATOR 30573”

Two of them were in it!

I’m glad that Santa’s LEGO was included it.

“LEGO Movie Channels” can be seen on a TV installed in the room.

It is recommended to watch this even if it is tired because not only the child but also the adult can definitely enjoy it. (^^)

By the way, there is also a TV in the children’s room, so it might be nice to stay up late while watching “LEGO Movie Channels” together.

Legoland Hotel LEGOLAND HOTEL Kingdom

View from the room on the west side.

The lights in the LEGOLAND are lit even after closing time, so you can enjoy the night view.

This is fountain square on the east side.

You can enjoy the fountain show from the hotel room.

Well, our fun and expected the breakfast buffet.

You can sit in any seat you like by presenting your card key at the entrance and saying on your room number.

There’s a “mealing” or “vacant” coaster on the table, so choose a vacant seat.When you get to your seat, and the coaster and turn it “mealing” and it’s OK.

Anyway, it’s colorful, and the kids keep raising their tension from morning. Not only children but also busy dads and mothers can forget work and enjoy!

Of course, lego blocks are decorated with fruits and sushi.

Is the sushi in front of you a tuna?

Lego with waitresses and cakes carrying salads is also cute.

It’s well done, isn’t it?

Wow, There is a big block on the seat of the orange chair.

Is this a real block?

Or is it drawn?

Please check it out when you go there. (^^)

The food was plentiful and it was fun to choose.

The taste is good on the whole, but it would be nice if there was something that could be introduced as “this is so delicious”.

In Japan, there are many delicious restaurants and hotel buffets, so I think it’s better to stick as much as LEGO blocks.

There are many tourists from afar and foreign tourists, so you can expect to spread through SNS, so it would be nice if you became a LEGO land where you can smile even if you eat.

Do you know what the arrow in the picture above is?

Correct answer!

“Peeping hole” when looking out from the room.

I’d like you to take a closer look, but you can see that it’s below the height of the doorknob, right?It’s a “peephole” for children.Children are happy with these detailed settings.

The doorknob in the hotel is cute with colorful colors with Lego characters.

By the way, check-out is OK at 11 o’clock, so if you want to rest slowly, “DO NOT DISTURB!” Let’s choose it .

Now, the next is “Amusement park rides review” in the LEGOLAND!

LEGOLAND Japan Hotel

[Location] Nagoya City Minato-ku Kinjo Futo 2-7-1 Phone number 050-5840-0505

There is a private paid parking lot nearby [Access] Nagoya Rinkai H
igh Speed Railway, Kinjo Futo Station about 5 minutes on foot, About 0km by car from Isewan Expressway and Meiko Chuo IC


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