The 21st “LEGO Advent Calendar 2019” is an astronomical telescope! REVIEW 60235

The 21st Day LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 is an astronomical telescope!

The 21st day of "LEGO Advent Calendar 2019" is an astronomical telescope!

In this season when the air is dry, you can see the stars well.

I still remember going to the bank near my house with my friends to observe the starry sky when I was in the fifth or sixth grade of elementary school, but it was fun.

The universe is often unknown in the unknown world, but it is surprising because the stars and sunshine we are seeing are the light of the past.The sun’s light has been found to take up to eight minutes to reach Earth. In addition, it seems that there are some distant objects that take five, ten, or more than 100 million years for starlight to reach the earth. It is full of wonders.

It’s important to open a textbook at school and learn, but it would be fun for the kids if they look up at the stars and talk about the wonders of the universe.

The 21st day of "LEGO Advent Calendar 2019" is an astronomical telescope!

It was shot on cold ice (LEGO package), but the LEGO mini-figures and various items came together and became a warm picture.

The 21st day of "LEGO Advent Calendar 2019" is an astronomical telescope!

Items from LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 to date.

Four more days until Christmas!

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