I want this ♪ LEGO CREATOR Bookshop 10270

LEGO CREATOR Bookshop 10270

LEGO Creator Expert Bookshop 10270 will be released at the beginning of the year (planned).

It is two buildings of a bookstore made of brick and a refreshing emerald green-colored private house, and The trees dyed in autumn and the clothes of the people are fashionable and nice.

This new work can separate the building, and it is made to be glad that it can be connected with other buildings.The decoration of the roof is also good♪

Small items also come with wooden beds, chameleons in breeding cases, and old-fashioned tall watches.

I like the rearing case and chameleon. (^^)

The block is 2504 pieces in total.The target age is 16 years old.

The size is 25cm wide, 25 cm in the back, and 29cm in height.

It will be available to buy on Rakuten and Amazon.

It’s fun.

I think that the streets of Europe and America are full of charm.

In Europe and the United States, where there are many attractive buildings in harmony with nature, we want to leave a home that can be used not only by our own children, but also by future generations. It is rare to rebuild as in Japan every time.

In Canada, where I have stayed for several years, there is no major home maker because the construction methods and systems for building homes are well established.

Certainly, if you are building a house for each generation, you won’t save money for a long time, and you won’t be able to get the real free time, so I think it’s better to rethink your value or thinking.

If you don’t need to build a house, you’ll be able to travel with the extra money, refurbish furniture, and so on, and you’ll be able to live a life that isn’t tied to work or money.

First of all, get “LEGO Creator 10270” and think about it. (^^)


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