I counted the spare parts included in “LEGO Advent Calendar 2019”! ♪ 60235

This is the first time I’ve bought a LEGO Advent Calendar, but I’m satisfied that I enjoyed it more than I imagined.

Advent Calendar is a calendar used to count the number of days for 24 days until Christmas, with 24 windows containing sweets, chocolates and small accessories.

It has a small window from 1 to 24 as shown above, and it opens one by one every day.This is fun!!

It is possible to take the contents out of the side of the box, and you can change the order of the items and put other items (such as sweets) too.

If you’ve ever purchased a boxed LEGO series, you know that it contains spare parts.

It was surprising to see that there are spare parts even in mini-figures and accessories, like the Advent Calendar this time. Some were not , but most included spare parts.

The base plate is personal.

A total of 35 pieace ! ! !

The orange muffler, white beard, bamboo copter feathers and levers are versatile and I’m glad that they contain this many spare parts♪


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