[LEGOLAND] You can get this block on LEGO Day ♪ 

 This time, I would like to ask Uncle Curling of “Advent Calendar 2019” for help and introduce the blicks distributed in Legoland. 

 “Hey、are you okay with this LEGO blicks?”  

“Thank you, please on the Ninja Go blicks there.” 

The picture of the train drawn on this square Lego block has been distributed since June 05, 2019. 

On June 05, “05th” 

“05th = Lego’s Day” (Japanese reading aloud) 

It is distributed every month on the 5th, so if you want to get it, visit Lego Day. (May change in the future)   

“Is it OK here?”  

“Oh,sorry let me take a picture from the front!”  

The smoke of the train says “GO! LEGOLAND®” and the bed of the train has “05” on it. The design is cute and the colors are colorful and nice.   

“Oh, he fell … uncle okay?”   

I guess I abandoned his job with heavy blocks. . . (^▽^;)


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