My son made bamboo dragonfly with LEGO.

The other day, my son told me.

“I made bamboo tonbo with LEGO” 

He brought it to me. 

“Oh, that’s good. The colors are beautiful.”

It looks like it’s modern, the colors are colorful, it flashes like an illuminated lamp, and it looks like you won’t miss flying in the sky.  

The wings are designed to close and can be carried around. 

 “Wow, it’s Cool!” 

Immediately, my son turned the handle of the bamboo dragonfly and blew it away. 

It fell and broke. 


My son was laughing while holding his belly. 

I also laugh. . . 

Son, please make something with LEGO again. 

↓↓↓ another story…

The “classroom” that my son made with LEGO. Too cute. . . 


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