LEGOLAND Shark Guy Not for Sale Block. Review 

レゴランド シャークガイ 非売品ブロック

These two LEGOLAND Shark Guy Factory Blicks were distributed at Sea Life Nagoya at the summer event of 2019. 

※ SEA LIFE Nagoya is an aquarium attached to LEGOLAND Japan Hotel.


 First of all, the shark guy above is a blicks that was distributed in “1st Anniversary” of “SEA LIFE Nagoya”.

Event period: March 15, 2019 (Fri)-May 6, 2019 (Mon)

During the above period, there was also a service to watch divers feed the fish and a ranger mission pack to get a collection card.

And the protagonist of this article, “Shark Guy’s Limited Factory Blicks,” was one that could be obtained if certain conditions were cleared. 

The condition is

They find shark guys hidden in “Submarine Adventure” in Sea Life Nagoya and LEGOLAND Japan and take pictures. 

That’s a total of three shark guys! ! ! 

Children love searching and exploring, don’t they? I think it’s a good event.  

“I found it!”  

You can hear the happy voice of the child. 

It is often said that LEGOLAND “takes children would better while they are small,” so we actually went there and felt that way. My child went to LEGOLAND when he was in the first grade of elementary school, but parents can naturally enjoy themselves as they watch their children enjoy. I recommend while the child is small.   

 And a new version of Shark Guy also appeared ♪ 


This is a “Shark Guy Limited Factory Blicks” that you can get by completing a mission at Sea Life Nagoya. Because the quantity is limited, the rarity is also high. 

The distribution period is the summer vacation period of August 2019. 

I want to open “Shark Guy” and decorate it, but I don’t open it because it’s so rare .   

If you want to get the “Shark Guy Limited Factory Blicks” , please look for it at frea markets or Yahoo Auction and so on. 

“LEGOLAND Blicks Shark Guy”  

If you search, it will come out ♪ 

↓↓↓ Click here for articles on LEGO Factory Blocks 

・ This is the factory block for LEGO Day ! 

・ Not-for-sale a cute Blicks were distributed in commemoration of LEGOLAND Nagoya Opening!


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