LEGO Pretty Cactus Girl 71021-11

サボテンガール Cactus Girl 71021-11
Cactus Girl 71021-11

LEGO Cactus Girl 71021-11

Lego mini figure series “Cactus Girl” released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the mini figure.

Cactus Girl 71021-11

It is very cute when the mini figure “Cactus Girl” hands up and down.

By the way, the character’s costume part-time job is as hot as a sauna and the costume temperature in summer exceeds 50 ° C. And I hear that it ’s heavy and smelly. Wow. . .

During the hour of costume work, 15-20 minutes move and dance, and the remaining 40-45 minutes rest. It seems to repeat this 5-6 times a day.

Cactus Girl 71021-11

The back of the mini figure “Cactus Girl”.

LEGO (LEGO) Cactus Girl – LEGO Cactus Girl [71021-11]


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