The 8th day of LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 is a gift box. REVIEW 60235

The 8th day of LEGO Advent Calendar 2019 is a gift box.

The 8th day of "LEGO Advent Calendar 2019" is a gift box

In Japan, there is a strong image of “things to give to children” when it comes to Christmas presents, but in Europe and America there are also gifts from children to their parents. Of course, the child grows up before giving it to the parent. Their parents will be happy.

They put presents that they receive before Christmas or receive them directly under the tree, but I have a habit of putting Christmas cards from my friends and family on my desk or table.

There are a number of boxes wrapped in red and golden ribbons are lined up, and the city is full of Christmas songs. Tension MAX for children 3 days before Christmas!

The 8th day of "LEGO Advent Calendar 2019" is a gift box

The Christmas tree was huge because the house of the person who took care of me in Canada was big, but when I got home from the outside, the decoration of the tree placed by the window was beautiful.

On Christmas Day, the table is lined with turkeys and other sumptuous meals.And she always made me a cheesecake that I loved.

Every year, it was fun.

Speaking of which,

There is something called a “gift receipt” issued for the person who receives the present over there.

This is a system that can be exchanged if you don’t like the gift you received or if it doesn’t fit, and of course the price is not written.The goods don’t go to waste, and honestly, I appreciate it.

I don’t like to exchange it when I think about the feelings of the people I prepare, but I think it’s better than not using it.I thought that it was a service that it was better to refer to it in Japan.

The 8th day of "LEGO Advent Calendar 2019" is a gift box

Oh, my God.Colorful and cute accessories are nice.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow!!

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